8 Essential Ways To Avoid Cradle Cap

All of us love babies and would never like them to feel uncomfortable in any way. However, at times these little ones might struggle with a specific condition known as cradle cap. It happens to be a yellowish, greasy, and scaly rash appearing in patches in the little one’s scalp. This ailment typically occurs during the first 3 months after the baby is born. However, this disease can affect not only the scalp, but other parts of the body too.

Below, we have provided some surefire guidelines on how to avoid cradle cap.

1. Using a humidifier

It is common for infants to suffer from sensitive and dry skin when they are affected by this condition. However, it will be possible to provide an increased amount of moisture in the air of your baby’s bedroom by using a humidifier. This will help to minimize skin dryness.

2. Brushing regularly

Cradle cap can sometimes result in the development of flakes which the parents would not want to happen at all. For this, it is advisable to massage and then gently brush the scalp of your infant to get the desired results. After massaging the scalp of your intent carefully, brush the scalp lightly using a soft brush to loosen the area affected by the condition and then sweep them away.

3. Oil treatment

Selecting any pure oil such as coconut oil or almond oil will be recommended in this case. Apply a small quantity of the oil on the scalp of the baby using your fingers; however, ensure that it does not drip into the eyes. Leave it like that for about 15 minutes and use a comb to get rid of the flakes. Following this, wash the scalp properly using natural baby shampoo. Cradle cap in adults is not uncommon and if you are affected by this condition, you can try several remedies like antifungal treatments, anti-inflammatory treatments, tea tree oil, as well as antifungal pills. Using dandruff shampoo available at the retail stores will likewise be a sensible idea.

4. Select a top-quality shampoo

Selecting a gentle and natural baby shampoo will help to get rid of the condition. In fact, several brands available on the market might prove detrimental to your baby. This is because they are packed with some toxic ingredients that might cause irritation on the skin.

5. Do not overwash

Never try to overwash the area affected with cradle cap after shampooing since it will only make the condition worse. Instead, make it a point to bathe your infant 2 to 3 times daily instead of overwashing.

6. Diet assessment

In case your baby is not breastfed and is instead given a formula to consume, it can lead to red patches on the facial skin and he might also suffer from diarrhea (provided he is already suffering from cradle cap). In that case, it will be sensible to consult with your physician for getting proper advice.

7. Go for baking soda

We all know that baking soda has got many uses and one such use would be to get rid of cradle cap. Blend equal amounts of water and baking soda to make a paste. Following this, the paste has to be applied on the scalp and it must be left like that for about a minute. If possible, apply the paste before bathing the baby. This way it will be possible to rinse off the solution while bathing.

8. Moisturize after shampooing

Make it a point to apply a natural and gentle moisturizer to the scalp of your baby after shampooing. The dampness and warmth of the scalp will help to catch moisture in the skin. This will not allow the scalp to become dry. Use a balm or lotion intended for the infants having sensitive skin. When must you visit a doctor?

In most cases, cradle cap happens to be a fairly innocuous and painless condition which will go away over time. Nevertheless, it is imperative to visit a physical practitioner in case you observe the subsequent symptoms:

1. The patches and the scales become worse and start spreading to other parts of the body including the face.

2. The region surrounding the patches becomes inflamed as well as infected.

3. The baby shows indications of discomfort or agony.

4. The patches or scales start secreting some sort of liquid.

It is a fact that cradle cap will not cause any harm to the baby and also it is temporary. Nonetheless, you do not like to look at the skin of your infant getting affected in any manner and therefore, it will be sensible to fix the problem as soon as possible. Implement the above tips and you will get the desired results within a short period. However, in case there is no visible improvement even after applying these remedies, it will be advisable to take the help of your doctor for further assistance.

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