Are Portable Beds Safe For Children?

It was almost time for delivery. The nursery was already set. The new sparkling clothes were hanging on their new hangers, and the baby’s bed was perfect. When we left the hospital with our little bundle of joy, I wanted everything to be accurate. And in my eyes, it was perfect. Until I visited her cousin, born two weeks earlier. I was surprised when I visited to see that her cousin’s bed was nothing more than a portable rocking bed. Being short for words, I did not say about it, but my perfectionist instincts were trigged, and I decided to do some research if portable beds are safe for kids. Below are my findings:

It helps sleep time to be unswerving yet convenient

If you do not know, one of the essential aspects of parents is taking the time to take a nap. Sleep is vital for you and your baby and depends significantly on an excellent place to sleep.

Portable beds are perfect for enjoying long-term sleep, which is impossible with traditional beds. With a portable bed, you can have your kid closer to you wherever you are, be it in the Kitchen, Garden or a car. Because the bed is comfortable and welcoming, your baby knows exactly what is expected of her – naptime.  Now, whether your baby would love the idea or not is unquestionable as every baby needs a comfortable bed to be able to sleep just fine.

It’s a lot cheaper

A new portable bed can be a fraction of the cost of a new baby crib. Combine all your accessories such as mattresses for beds, bedding and bed skirt, and you will immediately see that a portable bed is a lot easier in your pocket, and safer economically.

Compact and versatility

Last but not least, most portable beds for kids can be used anytime, anywhere. You can also use it in the comfort of your home, at your parents’, to spend the night in pajamas, camping or even on the plane (if it’s allowed). Regardless of the type of family, you will find the use of a portable bed for your kid even if you are not going anywhere.


A portable bed is not just for sleeping. This is an excellent way to keep small children in the game. It’s an ideal solution when guests bring their little kids who haven’t learned to keep their fingers glued to themselves.

It’s easier to resell

When it’s time for your child to move to a much bigger bed, it’s usually easier to sell a portable bed than a conventional bed. Some communities won’t even allow you to sell used beds because of the potential liability of previous models. Also, though parents like me have the best intentions at first, they do not always make sense anymore after a long time. I thought I was a perfectionist when it comes to building a nursery for my kid until I saw what my sister-in-law did with hers which was the right idea all along.

It is safer

Although swings are always reliable or at least that’s what we are told, there is still the possibility that a child will have difficulties coming down from the bed, which in turn, will probably affect her chances of learning how to crawl and run early. With open portable bed beds, this factor is removed.

Factors to consider at the time of purchase

There are several types of beds to choose from, but there are some factors to consider before making a purchase.

  • The kind of bed you want.
  • The degree of activity of the baby during sleep.
  • How easy is it to use the bed.
  • Bed weight.
  • The age of the child.


You need not worry about the inconvenience of sleeping together or that your children feel uncomfortable during a trip. With the best portable beds for toddlers. You can be assured of safety when they sleep, and also peace of mind no matter where you go!

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