7 Best Treats For Puppies That Won’t Hurt Your Budget

Treats are a great way not only to spoil your beloved furry friend but can also be used in training or teaching them new tricks. Using treats as a reward for good behavior can reinforce positive actions and encourage your dog to keep up the excellent work. More so, treats can also be used to help puppies learn better and retain what was taught.

Pampering your furry companion with treats can be as endearing as a belly rub. That’s why if you’re a fur parent and you’re looking for treats to spoil your puppies with, then this article is for you.

Here are the best treats for puppies that won’t hurt your budget.

1. Teething Sticks or Rings

When puppies start teething, they might unintentionally gnaw on items around your house because they feel pain and soreness in their teeth. Consider giving them teething sticks or rings designed to alleviate pain and soreness while providing beneficial nutrients to your puppy.

Teething sticks or rings are entirely edible and digestible and will satisfy the chewing urges of your pet. The treat comes in a variety of flavors your little friend will surely love.

2. Dental Chew Sticks

One of the best treats for puppies is dental chew sticks. They are designed to address plaque build-up on puppies. The ridged shape of these treats will work as a tool to take out plaque and tartar as your puppy chows it down.

Dental chew sticks are fortified with calcium making your puppy’s teeth stronger as they munch on them. It can also lessen the soreness and pain of teething for puppies at that stage of development.

3. Soft and Chewy Treats

These treats are soft enough to be torn into smaller pieces for younger puppies that are not yet ready for big treats. They are usually made from fruits and organic ingredients and are prepared without artificial colors, ingredients, and preservatives.  

4. Dry Bars

Dry bars are reimagined granola bars for dogs. It’s commonly made from chicken to entice your furry pal to munch. You can add berries for a healthier take with added quinoa for crunch.

Many pet owners love dry bars, especially because they can conveniently bring them anywhere they go. They can simply break open a pack anytime they would need to give a treat to their puppy.

5. Bone Chews

As your puppy grows, you can slowly introduce them to bone chews. The best bone chews are hard enough to encourage them to bite but won’t splinter and cause damage to their teeth. You can also look for bone chews with a soft center. This treat will surely reward your puppy with a tasty surprise in the middle of the hard bone.

Aside from being a great source of nutrients, bone chews are also beneficial to your puppy’s teeth and oral health. As your puppy continues to munch or chews on it, more saliva gets to be produced, which can then help prevent gum disease and plaque buildup.

6. Fruits and Vegetables

While this can be uncommon, fruits and vegetables can make an occasional treat for your beloved small dog.

Fruits such as apples, bananas, and blueberries are good for your puppy. Just make sure to remove the seeds and feed these fruits to them in moderation. The fiber content in these fruits can aid in their digestion, while vitamins and minerals can boost their health.

Aside from fruits, you can also give them vegetables. Carrots are also rich in fiber, while celery has nutritious vitamins essential for the health of your puppy’s heart.

7. Homemade Treats

Nothing could be more affordable and healthier than homemade treats. For instance, for a chewy and tasty treat during the hot summer months, you can make fruit-flavored popsicles. These can be a fun and cool treat for your young fur companions.

You can also prepare treats such as a sweet potato jerky by baking thin strips of scrubbed clean sweet potato. Or if you’re up for more complex treats, you can bake your furry friend dog biscuits. You and your puppy can explore various flavors. For instance, you can try making peanut butter cookies. While peanut butter can make a great flavor your puppy will surely enjoy, it’s important that the ingredient you use is free from artificial sweetener.

Final Words

Giving your furry friend treats is a great way to strengthen your bond and make memories. More so, it also makes a good reward for training. However, healthy treats need not be expensive and hurt your budget. There are many options for affordable treats in the market that are healthy and suitable for your dear pet’s needs and preferences. Or if you want, you can always make it more personal and make a special treat from scratch.

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