City Food Guide: 5 Things To Eat in Houston

Any renowned city is known for majorly two aspects: tourism and cuisine, and Houston is no exception to this rule. Besides some beautiful tourist attractions, Houston has mesmerizing cuisine to offer its guests. 

So, if you are new to the city and seek some brilliant dishes to try, you will not be disappointed. The best aspect of Houston cuisine is its touch on various other cultures, which adds to its unforgettable flavors. Thus, you can expect all kinds of food here, ranging from BBQ to Tamales to tacos in Houston.

Awesome Things To Eat in Houston

Let us walk through some of the perfect things to eat in Houston when you are on tour here.

Texas Barbecue

A city food guide to Houston is incomplete without the mention of Barbeque. People here are simply in love with their meat being barbecued. Thus, every nook and corner has a barbeque joint to cater to this love!

The best part is that, unlike Kansas City, Houston does not like to depend upon any sauce to grant a flavor to its meat. Instead, they use a bold merger of species to enhance the meat’s savor.

Some of the Barbeque meat in the city include beef ribs and smoked brisket. Though almost every restaurant offers Texas Barbeque, some places stand apart. These include Ray’s BBQ Shack and Blood Bros. 

Waffles and Chicken

Waffles and chicken form an essential part of the city’s cuisine. Locals here adore filling up on food that has a touch of the old school, such as waffles and chicken. Thus, you can find many shops selling these delicacies as a part of the breakfast menu. 

However, there is one place that adds an element of fun to the dish, the Breakfast Klub. Located in midtown, the restaurant offers waffles that are highly sweet, fluffy, and big in size. Also, the chicken wings served along with these waffles are salty, lip-smacking, and crispy.

In addition, you can even try the Waffle Bus food truck and the Liberty Kitchen restaurant. The Liberty Kitchen restaurant provides waffles that are red in color along with fried chicken.


One of the classics found in Houston is Tamales. This dish is made up of a cornflour dough known as masa. In addition, the dish has a perfect blend of different spices, making it extra spicy and tangy. 

These tamales are steamed in a corn husk which is removed before eating. Though this is a dish that is mainly found as a Christmas staple, you can get it around the year as well. The need remains to look for the right restaurant.

Two restaurants offering the best Tamales are the Texas Tamale Company and Original Alamo Tamales. 

Pecan Pie

A popular dessert in Houston, Pecan Pie is served specially on Thanksgiving. However, due to its popularity, many restaurants sell the pie round the year. 

A pie made up of pecan nuts filled with butter, eggs, and sugar is known to offer delicious flavors. These are best served with Nutella, fruit toppings, maple syrup, and custard. In addition, many more toppings add extra sweetness to these Pies.

Though almost every restaurant in Houston boasts of making the perfect Pecan Pie, there are some that top the list. These include Three Brothers Bakery, Flying Saucer Pie Company, House of Pies, and the Goode Company. These places are so good that people usually form long queues to taste their Pecan Pies, especially during Thanksgiving.


Though Fajitas are not originally from Houston, the city offers some delicious Fajitas. Fajitas is renowned as a fusion of Mexican savors and a southwestern dish, a fabulous Tex Mex cuisine. 

Faja is actually a Spanish word that refers to cow meat steak. Thus, the dish contains beef for sure, in addition to the spices and chicken.

You can try these Fajitas at places such as Fajitas A Go Go, Fajita Pete’s, and Ninfa’s.

Final Words

Houston is one city that is quite popular for the food it offers. This is the reason why many tour operators sell their tours to Houston with a special mention of the cuisine found here. Thus, if you are also planning to visit the city, ensure to taste the food mentioned earlier. Happy visiting!

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