Custom Clothing Ideas and Trends for Kids this Summer

Every summer is a new opportunity for your kids to sport fun and colorful clothing designs. In most cases, children outgrow their old summer clothes and will need some completely brand new outfits. You can impress your kid by making custom design clothing using your own imagination. To make it even more fun, include your children in the process and have them help you design new clothing. Creating custom-designed clothing with your children is a great way to build wonderful memories with them.

Here are some delightful clothing trend ideas you can use for your kids this summer.

Custom Embroidered Shirts

Your kid will love custom embroidered shirts with a design of their choice. Embroidered items like flowers, motor vehicles, plants, favorite foods, planets, dinosaurs, and other cool things will make them happy. You can custom embroider their favorite pet or cartoon character onto their shirt to create a unique look.

All Over Print T-Shirts

Kids enjoy bright and colorful clothes, which means that they would really delight in a print-all-over t-shirt. You can print funky contrasting patterns on t-shirts, skirts, pants, shorts, leggings, and other clothing pieces. Use summery colors like neon greens, blues, pinks, oranges, and yellows to create joyful clothes.

Cartoon or Movie T-Shirts

Children love cartoons, movies, and TV shows. You can custom design cartoon print shirts that your kid adores. To make it even more fashionable, consider adding custom embroidery in the shape of their favorite fictional character. For example, Harry Potter shirts are incredibly popular. You can create a patch similar to the ones in movies and place the Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw insignia on the front or back of the shirt. 

Funny Slogan T-Shirts

Make your kid the center of attention with a quirky and funny t-shirt that has a humorous quote on it. You can let your kid pick a quote they love from their favorite movie or cartoon. Other ideas include using kid-friendly humor and bold letter print on a t-shirt or hat. For example, if your kid is a fan of the Avengers, you can create a t-shirt that has the quote, “I pledge my allegiance to the flag of Captain America.” A custom-embroidered image of your kid’s favorite superhero can easily make this their favorite go-to summer shirt.

Polo T-Shirts

For a more polished and classy look, you can make polo t-shirts for your kids to match your style. Polo shirts not only look adorable on kids, but they make them feel incredibly cool too. You can put a custom-embroidered logo on the pocket area on the front of the shirt for an even more fashionable look.

Design Ideas are Limitless

There are unlimited ways that you and your kid can design summer clothing items together. This can be a great start to the summer and a way to spend time with them. Don’t limit summer clothes to t-shirts alone. You can also help them design hats, fanny packs, and backpacks to match their new stylish clothing. Consider print-on-demand platforms to create highly durable clothing that is shipped to you quickly. You may even consider passing these items down to younger family members who love these cherished and trendy designs.

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