20 Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games on Children

A few scientists have attempted to understand the effects of video games on children’s turn of events. Not all games are useful for children and their effects can be unfavorable. Video games are disapproved of by guardians as time-squanderers, and more terrible, some education specialists feel that these games degenerate the mind. Playing vicious video games are effortlessly accused by the media and a few specialists as the reason why some youngsters become fierce or submit extraordinary enemy of social conduct. Yet, numerous researchers and analysts find that video games can really have numerous advantages – the primary one is making kids shrewd. Video games may really show kids significant level reasoning abilities that they will require later on. In this article, we have discussed effects of video games on children.

“Video games change your mind,”  Playing video games change the cerebrum’s physical structure a similar path as do figuring out how to peruse, playing the piano, or exploring utilizing a guide. Much like exercise can manufacture muscle, the amazing combination of concentration and compensating floods of synapses like dopamine fortify neural circuits that can assemble the mind. Video games help in developing childs mind.

Many accept that now like never before it is essential to control video game utilization among adolescents to forestall addiction and to limit the odds of rough acts being happened in schools. Some contend that video games can be seen by children and youngsters as “killing simulations” and make children less sharpened to brutal acts after some time. Video games help in teaching your kids at an early age. Effects of video games on children are briefly described in this article.

Positive Effects of Video Games

Effects of Video Games on Children

At the point when your youngster plays video games, it gives his mind a genuine exercise. In numerous video games, the aptitudes required to win include conceptual and elevated level reasoning. These aptitudes are not instructed at school.

Critical thinking and rationale

At the point when a youngster starts playing a game, for example, Angry Birds or Where is my Water, he prepares his cerebrum to concoct inventive approaches to tackle puzzles and different issues in short blasts

Hand-Eye Coordination

In shooting agmes, the mind has to be present at all instances as to see the position of the character, where he/she is going, his speed, where the firearm is pointing, if the gunfire is hitting the foe, and so on. Every one of these elements should be considered, and then the player should then facilitate the mind’s interpretation and reaction with the development in his hands and fingertips. This procedure requires a lot of eye-hand coordination and visual-spatial capacity to be fruitful. Examination likewise proposes that individuals can learn iconic, spatial, and visual attention aptitudes from video games.It is one of the positive effects of video games on children.


Figuring and choosing the best assests to dominate, a similar route as, in actuality. This expertise is honed in methodology games, for example, SimCity, Age of Empires, and Railroad Tycoon. Remarkably, The American Planning Association, the exchange association of urban organizers and Maxis, the game designer, have asserted that SimCity has enlivened a great deal of its players to take a vocation in urban arranging and engineering.

Performing various tasks, concurrent following of many moving factors and dealing with different destinations.

In system games, for example, while building up a city, a startling astonishment like a foe may develop. This powers the player to be adaptable and rapidly change strategies.


Black gamepad is lying on a laptop keyboard

Once in a while the player does this pretty much each second of the game giving the cerebrum a genuine exercise.  The investigation recommends that playing action video games prepares to settle on fast decisions. Video games can be utilized to prepare warriors and surgeons, as per the examination. Critically, decisions made by action-stuffed video game players are no less precise. As per Accuracy –

Action games, as indicated by an investigation by the University of Rochester, train the player’s mind to settle on quicker decisions without losing exactness. In this day and age, it is critical to move rapidly without giving up precision

Methodology and Anticipation

Steven Johnson, creator of Everything Bad is Good For You: How Today’s Popular Culture is Actually Making Us Smarter, calls this “extending.” The gamer must arrangement with quick issues while keeping his long-term objectives on his horizon.

Situational Mindfulness

– Defense News announced that the Army incorporate video games to prepare troopers to improve their situational mindfulness in battle. Numerous technique games additionally require the player to get aware of unexpected situational changes in the game and adjust appropriately.

Creating Perusing and Math Aptitudes

The youthful gamer peruses to get the manual and instructions of the games to dominate in numerous matches that includes quantitative investigation like overseeing assets.


In more elevated levels of a game, the player typically bombs the first run through around, however he continues attempting until he succeeds and proceed onward to the following level.

Negative Effects of Video Games

Video games can be really good and also really bad for your child as it effects his performance and many other factors.

Impact on Brain Due To Violence

A large portion of the awful effects of video games are accused on the savagery they contain. Children who play more savage video games are bound to have expanded forceful contemplations, sentiments, and practices, and diminished prosocial helping, as indicated by a logical report (Anderson and Bushman, 2001). Likewise as indicated by Dmitri A. Christakis of the Seattle Children’s Research Institute, the individuals who watch a great deal of reenacted brutality, for example, those in video games, can get invulnerable to it, more slanted to act fiercely themselves, and are more averse to carry on vehemently. Another investigation recommends that chronic presentation to savage video games isn’t only connected with lower compassion, yet emotional insensitivity also. It is one of the negative effects of video games on children.

Dopamine Addiction-Effects of Video Games on Children

The prize hardware in your mind is one of the reasons video games are enjoyable. Your cerebrum delivers a synapse called dopamine, which manages the sentiment of joy from video games. At the point when dopamine movement occurs in the core accumbens, the joy focus of your minds, you feel satisfaction.

Negative Effects of Video Games on Motivation

Effects of Video Games on Children

Dissimilar to the core accumbens, we can’t plan the victory circuit onto the cerebrum as without any problem. It doesn’t confine to one piece of the cerebrum — it’s only an overall example of brain research and cognition necessary to individuals.

The victory circuit causes us to feel great when we defeat a test. In evolutionary science, there’s a strong tale about wandering into the obscure, discovering something significant, beating an issue, and then taking it back to society. That has formed social brain science — we as individuals esteem individuals who defeat chances.

Negative Effects of Video Games on Emotions

At the point when we experience dread, stress, disgrace, or other negative emotions, the amygdala gets dynamic. The amygdala is the piece of that mind that administers these negative emotions. It is likewise essential to our learning hardware since it makes connections to the hippocampus, the inside for learning in our cerebrum.

Negative Health Effects of Video Games

Effects of Video Games on Children

Playing video games isn’t an undesirable action on its own. In any case, whenever done for a considerable length of time, it can immediately get inconvenient to one’s physical wellbeing. Here are some medical problems that can emerge because of video game addiction.

Tedious Stress Injuries

Tedious Stress Injuries (RSIs) are moderately common among gamers. Gaming requires demanding, dull motion on the hands and wrists (some of the time for quite a long time).

Gaming thumbhet given to a condition considered de Quervain’s Tenosynovitis. It is a condition wherein the tendons that move our thumb become aggravated, which prompts torment and restricted development.

Trigger finger, otherwise called Stenosing Tenosynovitis, is a condition where a finger stalls out in a bowed position. It might twist or fix with a snap, similar to a trigger being pulled or delivered, henceforth the name.

Physical Health Issues

Effects of Video Games on Children

We as a whole know the sentiment of getting lost for a considerable length of time in a game, often neglecting to eat, or eating on unfortunate nourishments. It ought not be an unexpected at that point, that corpulence and malnutrition are chance variables from gaming excessively. There is additionally some starter proof that unreasonably playing video games can prompt corpulence in teenagers.

Eye fatigue is an unavoidable issue among gamers. Gazing at a screen for a considerable length of time. The eyes center much diversely around a video screen than some other level surface, for example, a scratch pad. It is less exhausting to gaze at a journal on the grounds that the separation is constant, and the eyes realize where to center. Nonetheless, on a video screen, the center is continually changing, prompting eye exhaustion. It gets hard for the eyes to concentrate on different articles, significantly after the gaming session is finished.

Video Games Affect the Brain Negatively

Video games don’t really prompt psychological well-being issues. In any case, you can be at high hazard for video game addiction in the event that you as of now experience the ill effects of depression, tension, or other psychological instability. This is because of the manner in which video games influence your mind.

Relationship Issues

Effects of Video Games on Children

Relationship issues coming about because of playing such a large number of video games is a common issue among gamers and their families. At the point when individuals get excessively dependent on video games, they begin to disregard different pieces of their lives. The initial segments to go are healthy and steady relationships with family, companions, and friends and family.

Relationships need work to keep up. They resemble a plant — on the off chance that you disregard one long enough, it will shrink up and kick the bucket. Relationships need to ordinary sustaining for them to develop or even keep up. Be that as it may, when a person invests a large portion of their energy playing video games, there is basically no time left in the day to converse with loved ones, not to mention seek after sentimental relationships.

Social Disconnection

Social disconnection is a genuine issue in the gaming network. Out of all the negative effects of video games, this one is promoted a ton. Despite the fact that we play multiplayer games, we once in a while wind up connecting with the individuals in our games. A few networks are more conducive to genuine human interaction than others. Be that as it may, those are the exception. Isolation can be incredibly impeding to your emotional well-being. Evolution didn’t plan individuals to be single animals. We flourish in bunches where would we be able to can bolster one another.

Harmful Environments-Effects of Video Games on Children

Effects of Video Games on Children

In our general public, men are socially only permitted to communicate one negative emotion: outrage. On the off chance that they express other negative emotions, for example, disgrace or dread, they are viewed as powerless or excessively delicate. That makes men more vulnerable to creating alexithymia, particularly on the off chance that they are dependent on video games.

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