The Eight Best Wedding Themes Ideas of 2022

If something’s certain, a wedding theme will set the tone for your big day and guide every one of your aesthetic decisions. In fact, from that point forward, everything is set by your theme of choice. Hence, choosing a wedding theme seems like a daunting commitment.

Do you prefer to keep things modern and fresh, or would you like something more classic and romantic? If you consider the variations of wedding styles, the final choice can be overwhelming.

But don’t worry. That’s why we’re here.

Consider what type of wedding matches your personalities as a couple and as individuals. Next, think about the colours or designs that resonate with you on a deeper level or, perhaps, some details that bring to mind happy moments and have sentimental value. The reality is that the choices are endless. So, stick to the elements that speak directly to you. Once you’ve decided on a theme, you can finally move forward with the other wedding plans (i.e., guest list, type of cake, and so on).

But if you are yet to find an ideal theme, read on. Use our guide to arrive at one of the significant decisions in your life and cross it off your wedding planning checklist!

The Top Eight Wedding Theme Ideas

Theme 1. Vintage Wedding Theme

Get inspired by past decades and add a vintage style to your wedding. This wedding theme is popular and one of the easiest, considering the vast amount of antique items sold at eCommerce stores. You can easily channel this through your wedding gown, make-up, and overall beauty look.

You can add antique-looking décor to your wedding ceremony and reception to showcase your vintage-inspired theme. Vintage items range between weathered tables, worn-in seats, fashionable candles, and typewriters. You can finish off with an old-fashioned getaway car, such as a 70’s Volkswagen campervan.

Theme 2. Romantic Wedding Theme

Similar to a vintage theme, the romantic wedding theme offers classic vibes. Expect to find soft hues, calming pastel colours, delicate lighting, and an abundance of flowers. We recommend hanging lights, including chandeliers and a flower wall if you can afford them.

If you go for a romantic theme, we recommend choosing a fine choice of red and white wines and romantic bridesmaid dresses.

Theme 3. Modern Wedding Theme

A modern wedding contains geometric shapes, minimal design, bright lighting, and clean lines. For this wedding theme, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. On the contrary, you need to put a modern spin on anything you may see fit, from your make-up to your wedding dress to decorations, such as seats, tables, and even flowers. Additionally, a bold and dynamic colour scheme is fitting for a modern wedding theme.

Theme 4. Rustic Wedding Theme

This appealing but straightforward wedding theme supports mason jars, lace, string lights, rustic seats, and wood. In fact, if you’re into DIY, then a rustic wedding is certainly for you. Just add your DIY items, such as chairs, tables, or decorations, and consider a rural environment to host the wedding. A barn, for example, is a fine choice to host the rustic wedding of your dreams!

Theme 5. Traditional Wedding Theme

If your vision is dressing to the nines, a formal wedding could be for you. Contrary to the previous wedding themes, the traditional theme is about… tradition: black ties, suits, and a lace wedding dress. Of course, the beauty of this theme is the unmatched grandiose, so don’t stop at the outfits, include fine dining table settings, posh seating, flower arrangements, an elaborate head table, and a three-tier wedding cake.

If these are not enough, host your wedding in beautiful garden settings in an open field venue with a tented reception!

Theme 6. Celestial Wedding Theme

A celestial theme is unique. Choose this wedding theme if your love has been written in the stars and you want to share this mentality. You should decide on a dress that channels celestial vibes to add to the theme. And the same goes for decorations. In fact, the sky’s the limit with this wedding theme. Get as creative as you want. Have a galaxy design cake, a constellation-inspired guest book, or celestial ornaments hanging around your wedding reception.

Theme 7. Tropical Wedding Theme

You don’t have to go to a tropical country or an exotic beach to have a tropical-inspired wedding. You need to include plants, such as palm fronds, a signature cocktail, and laid-back decorations. Hawaiian music adds to the overall tropical atmosphere. To put it differently, adding a tropical vibe to your wedding is not as challenging as it may sound. It just needs preparation and passion for a warm climate and a laid-out environment.

Theme 8. Bohemian Wedding Theme

Boho fans, this is the wedding theme for you. If boho matches your personality, then say “I do” with a corresponding theme.

A bohemian wedding is a carefree celebration, defined by simplistic but sleek decoration, such as oriental rugs, pillows, or hanging macramé ornaments. Your boho dress can be paired with a delicate flower crown, earthy colours, and natural materials to tone down the glitz of an extravagant wedding.

Last but not least, if you go for a bohemian wedding theme, remember to keep large furniture pieces neutral in solid tones. Needless to say, an open space seems the best place to host a boho wedding.


These are some of the most popular wedding themes you can choose from. Sure, there are hundreds more, but the above are great to use as a basis, and you can move forward from there.

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