Fashion Tips For The Expecting Mother

During your pregnancy it may be tempting to want to stock your wardrobe with maternity clothes. Your body is changing and you want to make sure that you’ll be comfortable throughout the process. Realistically speaking, however, buying a ton of new maternity clothes isn’t always the most financially sound decision. Not only are the clothing items often fairly expensive, but you’ll also only be wearing them until your baby arrives (and then perhaps again if you have another baby down the road). We’re not arguing that all maternity wear is bad, of course. But instead of focusing on it entirely, consider purchasing some stylish pieces that can accommodate your chaining body and be worn past your pregnancy.

Here are six such clothing items that are suitable while you’re expecting and beyond.

Oversized T-shirt

Thanks to Kim Kardashian and her apparent love of baggy clothing, oversized T-shirts are very much “in” these days. And in addition to being somewhat trendy, they’re also very comfortable.

Naturally they aren’t meant for particularly formal occasions, but whether you’re lounging around the house, meeting some friends for a lunch date, or doing errands picking up things for the baby, an oversized tee can be just the thing. SkarGorn’s boxy, oversized tee with a chest pocket in a darker tone is sure to become a go-to look, and is something you can very much keep in your rotation after the baby is born.

Bodycon Maxi Tank Dress

Granted, bodycon dresses may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Some people may feel self-conscious in such a figure-forming dress. That being said, plenty of women enjoy flaunting their growing baby bumps while pregnant! You’ll look absolutely adorable if you decide to do so, and you’ll be left with a gorgeous dress following the pregnancy also. We’d suggest a gray body con maxi tank dress paired with a chambray shirt and some leather sandals, for a full, neutral-but-cute ensemble.

Lightweight Hooded Jacket

Outerwear isn’t usually the first focus when it comes to maternity wear, but a lot of what’s out here can actually be surprisingly constricting.

So it’s in your best interest to find something that’s a little bit more forgiving. The lightweight jacket from Woman Within is designed to be neither overdone nor bulky, but to offer practical, everyday convenience in a flexible range of sizes. It’s just the sort of piece that can do the trick, keeping you warm in all but frigid temperatures, allowing for your baby bump, but still serving as a cozy jacket after the birth.


With 1970s fashion back on trend (and honestly why was it ever not?), overalls are surprisingly stylish once more. This sort of piece is perfect for casual outings like going to the farmers’ market or heading off to Sunday brunch, or even spending some time outside in your yard, if you have one and the weather is cooperative. Naturally you’ll want to purchase a pair with a stretchier material or that is loose around the midsection if you can, though keep in mind that overalls can also be adjustable to some extent – meaning you can change the fit as needed before and after your baby arrives.

Sensible but Stylish Shoes

As any pregnant person can tell you, swollen feet can become a very real ordeal. For this reason you’ll need a pair of sensible shoes – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish.

After all, there is a reason that we included sensible shoes among gifts for expecting mothers written about in a prior piece! It’s hard to find the right mix of style and comfort sometimes, and with comfort being the more important of the two, a lot of women wind up with bulky, cushioned shoes they might not necessarily prefer were it not for the needs of pregnancy. However, we’d point out that today, lots of light yet supportive tennis and casual shoes are coming with stronger and more supportive soles, leading to more options that are sensible and stylish. The Allbirds “Wool Runners” are comfortable and machine washable, known for incredible versatility but still perfectly stable. They’re not alone (more and more shoes resemble them somewhat), but they’ll get you on the right track in your search.

Jogger Pants

Sweatpants are a saving grace during pregnancy. Unfortunately, those baggy, inexpressibly cozy ones you love to lounge in at home are still somewhat frowned upon in public. Luckily, jogger pants are essentially just dressed-up versions of the same pants, and are – as you likely know – extremely popular these days. Paired with the right pieces, like a silk blouse and blazer, these can even sometimes be worn to work! Either way though, they’re great options that will adjust to your shape and size during and following your pregnancy.

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