5 Fun Family Activities That Don’t Involve Gadgets

One of the struggles for modern parents today is controlling their screen time for their children. Some experts say it’s best to limit children from 2 to 5 years old to use their gadgets only for one hour per weekday. However, this brings out the challenge for parents to find alternative ways to keep their energetic toddlers busy. 

If you have the same worry and concern as a parent, fret not, as there are many enjoyable activities that will keep the entire family preoccupied without modern gadgets. After all, you and your partner also need a break from screen time. And so, spending time together and bonding as a complete family can save everyone from eye fatigue and gadget detox and enables everyone to form a stronger relationship with each other. 

With that, here are some fun family activities you should try that don’t involve gadgets: 

1. Solve A Puzzle Together 

Deluxe puzzles for the family are fun activities that can be enjoyed as a group and offer numerous benefits for everyone. 

First and foremost, it promotes quality time. With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, most of the time, families can’t pause and share moments together. And when each family member is preoccupied with work, chores, and the internet, it can be harder to find time to catch up and bond as a family. Fortunately, jigsaw puzzles can make this happen.

Over the weekend, get yourself a challenging 1,000-piece puzzle and gather all the family members to contribute to completing the puzzle. This can be a great time to relax, sit together, and simply have fun. You can all converse, make jokes, and catch up about what’s been going on with each other’s life. This is indeed a fun activity for people of all ages. And as every family member contributes a piece of the puzzle, it’s an opportunity to bond and make relationships healthier.  

2. Bake As A Family 

Sharing sumptuous meals is one of the most important parts of the day in a family’s life. It’s when everyone can get together and engage in conversation after a long day; however, if everyone in the family has some time to spare on the weekend, spice things up and hold a baking session for everyone, making it a mandatory event, including the boys and men in the family. 

Although the kitchen will surely get messy afterward, this can be a great time to bond with your children and partner without gadgets. Children will love learning to bake and form whatever shapes they want for their cookies or brownies. Let your child freely control whatever they’re baking. Just make sure that there are no sharp and harmful utensils around them. 

3. Play Board Games

Another fun activity to share with the entire family is playing board games. This is another failproof idea to bond with your children so they won’t be glued to their tablets and phone.   

You can even create a reward system for whoever wins so everyone will be more engaged and competitive in the activity. With board games, your child can sharpen their mental and problem-solving skills while also having fun. There are various types of board games that can pique the interest of your children. For instance, you can play tactic board games, roll-and-move, social deduction, or campaign or legacy games.

4. Explore The Outdoors  

Another effective way to distract your family from screentime is to explore the outdoors together. There are many fun ways to do this. You can invite everyone for a picnic and walk in the park. You could also prepare some snacks like sandwiches and drinks, and don’t forget to bring a frisbee so your children can run outdoors and play with it. 

Camping is another way to bond as a family. In fact, this can be one of the meaningful gifts and moments your child will treasure. Although this activity might depend on your kids’ age, it’s usually best to go when your children are old and brave enough to explore the outdoors. You can take this opportunity to expose them to the beauty of nature as you explore flora and fauna within the campsite. You could also incorporate outdoor activities to ensure that everyone in the family gets their much-needed physical exercise. 

5. Set Up Tents In The Bedroom  

If camping is not feasible due to weather conditions, don’t worry. You and your family can set up tents in your family bedroom. This is another effective way to distract your children from playing games on a screen. After all, any change from a routine gets the attention of children.  

You can use an old tablecloth and bedcovers to create a tent or get a makeshift tent to make your room camp-ready. You could also display a lot of pillows around and decorate them to make them seem like real outdoor tents. Additionally, you can switch off the lights and use a flashlight to make it seem like a real camping experience out in the wild.   


Fortunately, there are so many fun activities to try as a family. The list above is just the tip of the iceberg. You can think of other creative and unique ways to bond with the family without using gadgets and technology. These moments are priceless and can go a long way in establishing healthy relationships with each other.

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