Fun Ways to Decorate Christmas Cookies

Many people enjoy decorating Christmas cookies with frosting and sprinkles. There are so many ways to do this, and it can also be a lot of fun. Here are some of the most fun ideas for decorating Christmas cookies. If you’re not much of a baker, you can also subscribe for a cookie at a monthly cookie subscription service.

Christmas trees

Every holiday season, there is a new trend in cookie decorating. This year, one of the most popular techniques among bakers is to turn simple sugar cookies into festive Christmas trees. Cooks can transform their cookies into miniature holiday decorations using green frosting and colorful candies or sprinkles. 

These tree cookies make for a beautiful addition to any holiday spread and offer a fun activity for those looking to get into the spirit of Christmas. With imagination and creativity, even novice bakers can turn their cookies into delightful Christmas trees. So why not try it this holiday season and add festive cheer to your cookie platter?


One popular design for this time of year is snowflakes, the delicate ice crystals that make winter complete. There are many ways to incorporate this theme into your cookie decorating – white sugar pearls and sparkling sugar can mimic the glistening of snow. At the same time, blue icing can represent an icy feeling. For an added touch, try adding silver or blue food coloring to your icing for a marbled effect. 

Need artistic ability? Look up stencils or templates online to transfer onto your cookies using powdered sugar or edible markers. However, you choose to do it, adding a wintery twist to your cookies will impress any holiday guests – happy decorating.


Looking for a festive yet unique holiday treat? Consider decorating your cookies in the shape of reindeer. This spin on classic sugar cookies adds extra whimsy to your holiday spread. To get started, roll out your cookie dough and use reindeer cookie cutters to shape your treats. Next, add details using red and green icing for festive accents, such as Rudolph’s signature red nose. Remember to add small candy pieces for eyes, antlers, and hooves. 

These reindeer cookies will surely be a hit at any holiday party or gift exchange. So why not give them a try this season? Your friends and family will love these adorable Christmas treats.


Decorating cookies in the shape of Christmas presents a delightful way to add festive cheer to your holiday spread. Start with your favorite sugar cookie recipe, then use icing and candy decorations to turn each cookie into a colorful present. Be creative with your designs – try using icing in different shades and textures to mimic wrapped gifts, or use small candies as bows or embellishments. 

These fun treats will surely be a hit at any holiday gathering and make for unique gifts for friends and family. Don’t limit yourself to presents – why not try decorating cookies like traditional holiday symbols, such as a tree or a stocking? Regardless of what shape you choose, these adorable cookies are sure to bring some extra holiday cheer to any celebration.

Holly leaves

Decorating cookies in the shape of Holly leaves a festive way to add some cheer to your dessert spread. To create these lovely treats, start by making your favorite sugar cookie dough and rolling it out on a floured surface. Using a Holly leaf cookie cutter, cut out the shapes and place them on a baking sheet. 

Once they have baked and cooled, apply a thin layer of green icing as the base coat. Next, use white icing to add details such as vein lines and berries, using small piping tips or toothpicks to create textures and designs. These Holly leaf cookies will surely bring extra joy to any holiday gathering.

Candy canes

One festive and delicious holiday treat is the candy cane cookie. These cookies are made with traditional sugar cookie ingredients, but they also incorporate peppermint extract and red food coloring to achieve their iconic striped appearance. To decorate these cookies, roll out the sugar cookie dough onto a flat surface and use a candy cane-shaped cookie cutter to cut out individual cookies. While the cookies bake, mix red food coloring and peppermint extract in a bowl until it becomes a thick paste. 

Once the cookies have cooled, spread the mixture onto each cookie using a small spatula or butter knife, creating stripes that mimic candy cane. The final result is visually appealing and gives a pleasant peppermint scent – perfect for any holiday celebration. Just remember to save some room for these tasty treats.

In conclusion

There are many fun ways to decorate Christmas cookies. Some popular options include decorating them in the shape of reindeer, presents, Holly leaves, or candy canes. No matter which shapes you choose, these festive treats are sure to add some extra holiday cheer to any celebration. So why not give these ideas a try this season? Your friends and family will love these delicious and delightful cookies.

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