Have You Ever Suffered a Birth Injury? Mother and Baby Injuries Revealed

When you’re preparing to give birth, you know that your body is going to go through a huge event. And your midwife has probably made you aware of the likelihood of blood, bodily fluids, grazes, tears and other potential injuries that you might end up with. It’s hardly surprising, after all, you are going through labour! 

But, when does a birth injury become something much more serious? The severity of birth injuries that a mother and child receive can vary. They can range from severe bruising to a brain injury – check out this cerebral palsy lawyer, Fort Collins for more info. In some cases, the injuries could have been avoided, and the subsequent suffering should not take place, it’s this kind of medical negligence that could lead to a personal injury case.

So, what kind of severe birth injuries can mothers and their babies suffer from? 


Perineal trauma 

This kind of injury can happen either due to the baby passing through the birth canal or it can be a surgical procedure completed by a doctor to create more room for the baby to pass through the vagina. This medical procedure or Episiotomy is often done if the baby is showing signs of foetal distress, or if tools such as a ventouse or forceps are required to assist with the birth. If the tear isn’t repaired correctly after birth it can other issues.

A ruptured uterus

This birth complication is incredibly serious, and it can be common in women who have previously had a C-section. A ruptured uterus is when the womb tears during pregnancy. It’s a medical emergency and a life-threatening situation. 

Prolapse uterus 

A prolapsed uterus is when the womb is no longer in its normal position and begins to move down the vaginal canal. It can make sex painful and make you incontinent. 


Oxygen deprivation 

If your baby is deprived of oxygen during birth, and it goes unrecognised, then your child could suffer from brain trauma or other neurological problems.


Babies who are delivered in the breech position are likely to suffer from a fractured collarbone. This kind of injury usually heals on its own.

Bell’s palsy

Bell’s palsy is caused when pressure to the baby’s facial nerve is applied during birth. This can happen in the birth canal or by the use of forceps. This facial paralysis will improve with treatment, but it can be incredibly frightening for parents.

No one should have to suffer the aftereffects of a mishandled birth. So, speak with a personal injury lawyer if you believe you’re the victim of negligence. 

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