Here’s How Expecting Moms Can Prepare For Motherhood

A newborn brings about a sense of blessings and happiness for new moms and the entire family. However, women go through a lot of changes physically, emotionally, and psychologically during pregnancy. According to a report by NCBI, one in seven women experience postpartum depression, which lasts longer and affects women’s ability to function compared to baby blues. Almost every expectant mom believes they’re prepared for motherhood, but aspects of pregnancy, like labor, childbirth, and life with a baby can be overwhelming. 

With that said, preparing for motherhood in advance, while accepting the likelihood of uncertainty, is wise. Preparing for motherhood revolves around knowing what foods to eat and avoid during pregnancy, planning your finances, and choosing a healthcare provider. Below are a few tips for expecting moms to prepare for motherhood. 

Dedicate Time for Childbirth Class

Every expectant mother has concerns about labor, postpartum, and childcare. A lack of knowledge on how to navigate these stages of pregnancy can have a significant impact on your mental health and overall wellbeing. To ensure you lead a healthy and happy life throughout pregnancy and childcare, take childbirth classes. 

You can get insights on motherhood, by watching antenatal and postnatal videos on YouTube. You can also take breastfeeding courses online and read tutorials on how to change baby diapers, feed a newborn, create a sleeping routine, and burping methods on parenting websites. Also, ask your family and friends, and midwife questions and advice about motherhood. Learning everything about pregnancy and childbirth helps you prepare your body by eating healthy and exercising. You’ll also prepare yourself emotionally for childcare and develop a financial plan that suits your lifestyle. 

Ensure Your Hospital Bag is Ready

Items that go inside your hospital bag are important considerations when preparing for your newborn. As a new mom, you want to ensure you have everything for your baby when at the hospital. It’s, therefore, advisable to prepare a hospital bag two or three weeks earlier before your due date in case you go into labor early. To ensure you forget nothing or pack unnecessary items, you need to create a hospital bag essentials checklist

Typically, every hospital bag should have pre-filled hospital documents. So, find a birthing center months before you go into labor and fill in paperwork. Also, pack an insurance card, ID, written birthing plan, toiletries, comfortable clothes, and comforts of labor, like essential oils and pillow. Don’t forget to pack maternity underwear, baby clothes, diapers, soft blanket, and a nursing pillow. 

Discuss Household Responsibilities with Partner

Multitasking between house chores and taking care of a newborn is stressful. Therefore, talk about sharing household responsibilities like cleaning, shopping, and cooking with your partner or family member. Naturally, you might help with simple chores in the house a few weeks before you go into labor, so setting expectations of what you expect them to do after birth helps avoid conflicts. Also, embrace the culture of seeking help as a new mom to avoid fatigue and depression.

The journey to motherhood can be exciting and confusing at the same time. Many new moms don’t know what to do during and after pregnancy, and they end up being anxious and depressed. To ensure you lead a healthy life throughout pregnancy, you need to plan. When preparing for motherhood, educate yourself about antenatal and postnatal care, know what to pack in your hospital bag, and discuss how you’ll share household responsibilities with your partner once the baby arrives.

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