Top Ways How Drawing Keeps you Healthy and Changes your Life

For the first time you are seriously interested in something, be it playing the guitar, dancing or drawing, and in response you hear: why do you need this, a waste of time and money?

Was there anything like this in your life? And I had to hear! When a child in the process of creativity shares that in the future he will become a lawyer (so mom decided), because artists are not paid enough.

But money is a weak motivator. If a person is offered to work overtime for pay, he will reluctantly agree. And what will he get in return? Fatigue, irritability, depression and a nagging desire to rest.

What to do in this case?

In the age of information technology, a person is trying to find the means to switch and relax, so as not to become a hostage to stress, lack of sleep and routine, which seriously affect the internal state.

A person can get stuck in the “squeezed lemon” mode and dream of only one thing – to get out to sea. But the problems have not gone away. A person changes the external environment, but his inner world remains the same.

Increasingly, for distraction, a modern person chooses TV shows, social networks, booze, sweets, and the like. As a result, excess weight, an even greater burden on the psyche and a lesser sense of usefulness and happiness.

Why does it happen? It’s just that more than 80% of people are visuals. What they see is what they perceive. If you watch the series every day, then in the end a person will begin to act like the heroes of the series, and will begin to form an example to follow. But if a person’s gaze is switched to viewing paintings and objects of art, a completely different, qualitatively new picture of the world will begin to open up for him.

Classes in visual activity just help to switch, maintain and maintain the state of psychological health.

Firstly, paint is color, and color is a wave, vibration and getting on the retina of the eye, and then on to the brain, it begins to influence the consciousness, creating a mood.

Red color warms and excites, blue – calms, yellow gives confidence, cheerfulness. Psychologists have known about this for a long time and often use color symbolism in drawing tests (for example, the Luscher test). Knowing this, you can switch internal states, for example, draw only in blue shades.

As an exercise, try creating a palette of 30 shades of blue with CO paint supplies and you’ll find it’s not that easy.

Secondly, creativity allows you to start dreaming again, to find joy in simple little things. This is the most effective, harmless and effective way of relaxation at the moment and should become an integral part of the life of a modern person.

Moreover, it is already a proven fact that when a woman paints, she comes into harmony with her feminine nature.

Thirdly, drawing allows you to create something new, the fear of a “white sheet” is removed, which in real life helps a person to stop being afraid of new beginnings, he develops an “open” thinking.

Moreover, the more shades of color the human eye sees, the more new opportunities he is ready to let into his life.

Fourthly, the variety of styles and techniques of drawing includes the work of the right hemisphere, which is responsible for non-standard thinking, where insights, insights and creative ideas are stored.

But in drawing, as in any business, consistency is important. It is impossible to eat and stay full for a week, you cannot work out in the gym and be slim for a whole year, it is impossible to rest once and always be full of energy.

Top 4 Reasons to Draw

1. We endure stress more easily when we are passionate about what we love. In our life, alas, unpleasant moments will occur, no matter how much we would like to avoid them. But doing what you love, constant passion for something, especially creative, makes it easier to survive the sadness, sadness and anxiety that accompany the life of a modern person. It is worth noting, however, that this applies only to a real creative impulse. If you study and get an art education, then there will also be difficulties. And if you just draw for yourself, for the soul, then this will just help you in the fight against stress and create a good mood.

2. How does drawing affect the brain? When engaging in creativity, namely drawing, we develop the right hemisphere of the brain. There is even such a direction in art therapy – right-brain drawing, the main task of which is to reveal one’s creative abilities. If, in addition, you have a very well developed left hemisphere, then your intellect will bring more effective use.

3. Drawing helps to focus and gather at an important moment. Just by drawing for ourselves, we give ourselves a chance to relax, enjoy the process. Thus, we rest and establish our inner peace before serious matters and tasks.

4. Drawing can help you find a way out of difficult situations. Problems that are troubling you can be poured out on paper, in the form of a drawing. Such reflection helps to throw out inner experiences on the canvas and survive what happened.


Whatever the pros and cons of drawing, there will still be more pluses. I hope creativity will not keep you waiting in your life, and you will draw with love and for the soul.

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