How to Take an Active Role in your Child’s Learning

Many parents do not take part in the education of their children. They think that this role is given to teachers from kindergarten or school. Their task is to provide the child with the necessary things for his health and comfort. But it’s not right. Parents are the first teachers of every child. They create his personality from childhood, showing him the world and guiding him in every moment. But what about his education? Here, too, parents play an important role because they show the child the basis of the world of numbers, letters and help solve simple problems. Kindergarten and school become an addition to this by expanding the basic knowledge that the child already has.

If you want to take an active part in your child’s education, then find the appropriate guide to choose homeschool curriculum. It can be a simple program that you can do together to keep your child interested and learning results. Games, quests, online programs will help you interest your child in any science; the modern selection of books and applications is quite huge. Also, do not forget that you should have enough time to teach your child; here you will not be able to take a day off. Even 30 minutes a day will already give good results. Home schooling will be useful as an addition to the school curriculum because a child may have problems in a certain topic and you can fix it at home.

How to help a child with learning?

If we talk about online programs, such as mathematic, then the Singapore Method of Learning Math is a great solution. It is fascinating, understandable and simple even for children who have great difficulty understanding this science. ESM will be useful both for preschool children and for middle and high school students. Parents also liked this method of learning mathematics because it is clear and easy for them to answer all their children’s questions. Many parents do not want to study at home even because of the lack of knowledge and they do not want to study everything together with the child in order to help him. Open the portal with Singapore Mathematics and plunge into the magical world of numbers that does not scare or confuse.

Experienced educators offer several solutions to take an active part in your child’s education. Perhaps this will help you improve his grades and find more opportunities to spend time together:

  • Positive attitude

You need to be positive to show this to your child. Studying will be an interesting and exciting activity for him and not coercion. Show joyfully that today you will have a new topic to study. These are not just boring lessons, this is a great chance to discover something new and it’s very cool.

  • Motivation

Children can appreciate education if they see it as a positive action and are motivated. A young child may receive a favorite cookie, candy, or other small gift as a reward. You can also promise him to buy ice cream in the park or visit the zoo. An older child has a more serious motivation: to continue his studies at the university, to travel, to find a good job. Everything always has a motivation and therefore becomes important as an intermediate step to achieve its goal.

  • Encouraging action

Parents should always encourage their children. But it is unnecessary to confuse this concept with pamper. You must teach him how to properly prioritize and set goals. If the goal seems huge and unattainable, then show how to break it down into parts and implement it gradually. Guide your child’s thinking and encourage his actions. Be patient because all children make mistakes, your task is to point them out and explain what is right, what is wrong and tell why.

  • Spend time away from home

It may seem unimportant, but you need to spend more time away from home. It’s part of your relationship with your child when they step out of their comfort zone. It can be a park near the house where the child is fun and interesting. Maybe outdoor activities will give more results because there you will find a topic to study and things to encourage. Outside the home, you can teach him not only the sciences from the school curriculum, but also tell him about behavior, etiquette, traffic rules and other things that he will encounter in an independent life.


To take an active role in your child’s education you need to have patience and more free time. Many mothers give up work to devote themselves to raising a child, but there are those who leave this task to nannies and teachers. Only know the habits and desires of your child, only you can find the right approach to him.

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