How to use a Baby Sling or Baby Carrier while Breastfeeding?

Breast milk is important to every newborn. It is recommended that every woman should breastfeed for at least 6 months so that the baby can remain healthy. The milk has nutrients and protective antibodies that protect the child from diseases. In fact, studies show that babies which are breastfed correctly are less likely to get some diseases.

A baby sling was developed to help women to carry their babies with ease. This product is useful when carrying the baby for a long period of time. It prevents a woman’s arms from getting tired especially if the baby is heavy. Baby carriers look simple but they are not easy to use. Some women find it difficult to use a sling while breastfeeding. You should know how to do it correctly since a small baby breastfeeds within short time intervals.

Not all baby carriers are good for breastfeeding. Some don’t evenly distribute the weight while others have to be removed in order to access your breasts. Always select those that allow you to spread the fabric across your shoulder to distribute the weight. The sling should also wrap your back for maximum distribution of weight. The waist should be easy to adjust to allow you to change the position of your baby with ease.

Why you might need a sling

The biggest reason why some women use a sling is to keep their hands free. Most young children feel safe when they are carried by their mothers. This forces a woman to carry her child from place to place. Carrying a baby for a long period of time can be tiresome. This tool allows a woman to carry a baby while doing her daily chores with ease. For instance, a woman can cook, wash or clean the house while carrying the baby at the same time. A sling also allows a woman with more than one child to multitask by attending to two or more children at the same time. Some slings allow hands-free breastfeeding which allows a woman to relax while breastfeeding.

Tips for using a baby carrier:

1. Practice frequently

If you have never used a baby carrier before, it is wise to practice so that you can know how to use it correctly. Some new mothers lack confidence when using a sling for the first time. Practice can help you overcome your fears or doubts. It takes time to learn but once you know the basics, you`ll enjoy using it. If you have a baby and you want your hands to remain free, get an Oscha baby slings sling and start practicing. You might start by breastfeeding using a baby carrier once a day then increase the number of times as days goes by. Also practice using a sling while washing, sweeping or cooking so that you get used to it.

2. Undo the back clip if necessary

If the sling seems to be tight or if it restrains the baby, undo the back clip. You might also undo the clip if you are sweating or if it is too hot to let in some fresh air. This will make you feel comfortable especially during hot days.

3. Loosen the waist

Sometimes you might find it difficult to breastfeed the baby when the baby’s head is positioned above the breast. In this scenario, you can lower your baby by loosening the waist. The baby should not be positioned too low or too high if you want to achieve maximum comfort.

4. Wear the right blouse

Blouses with low-cut stretchy necklines are perfect for breastfeeding. The blouses allow you to pull the breast out with ease. The main advantage of wearing such blouses is that they eliminate the need of pulling the shirt up.

5. Tighten straps after latching

Some women prefer hands-free breastfeeding when using a baby carrier. This can be achieved by tightening the straps after latching to maintain the position of the baby.

6. Tighten the straps after breastfeeding

Ensure that you tighten the waist and the straps of your baby carrier. This keeps the baby safe when you are walking. However, don’t apply too much pressure on the straps to avoid hurting the baby.

7. Keep the child safe

Small children heavily rely on their noses for breathing. Always ensure that your child’s nose is unobstructed by the sling, cloth or breast. The baby’s neck should not bend over too far when breastfeeding since breathing and swallowing will become a problem. There should be enough space around the child’s stomach and chest to allow maximum expansion and contraction of multiple muscles during breathing.

A baby sling is an important item to any woman who wants to carry her baby while her hands are free. Some first time mothers find it difficult to use a sling while breastfeeding. It is important to practice frequently, tighten the straps correctly and wear the right shirt to use the carrier with ease. The type of sling that you need will depend on your body size and your personal preference.

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