Meaningful Gifts Your Child Will Treasure

When you’re searching for the perfect birthday gift for your child, it’s difficult to see past the brightly coloured plastic, the dazzling (and often endless) TV ads and the countless versions and variations of toys that never seem to be as good as the ones we played with when we were kids.

Kids these days often have everything, and thanks to generous friends and family, it’s difficult to buy something that won’t just end up in the bottom of a toy box and never picked up again. Finding a gift that your child will cherish is probably the best idea. It’s something they’ll keep for a long time and even something that could launch them into a career or a new hobby as they grow.

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Need a little inspiration? Read on for a list of meaningful gifts that your child will treasure. 

Monthly subscription boxes

Monthly subscriptions aren’t just for adults who want to try beauty products, food, books, or even alcohol! Subscription boxes for kids are a great idea if you want the joy of their birthday to continue for months to come. With a wide range of boxes available, including educational resources, nature-inspired boxes, crafts, puzzles, as well as indoor and outdoor pursuits, there’s something to suit every child and every hobby!

A journal

If your child is a little older, then giving them the gift of writing can open up their world to inspiring ideas, thoughts, memories and communication. A journal and stationery will give them the opportunity to voice their feelings and emotions, keep a diary of their day or just a cool place to write stories! 

Something cultural

Sometimes the greatest gift we can give someone is a wonderful memory, so spending time with your child doing something unforgettable will certainly be a treasured gift. Why not take them to see a stage production from a local theatre company? Take them to an art gallery, or a museum with kid’s activities in mind? Spending the day together will much more joy than any plastic toy ever could.

Sponsor an animal

If your child is an animal lover, then sponsoring an animal is a great gift that they can cherish for months and even years to come. Local aquariums, zoos and farm zoos often let patrons sponsor animals for a small cost each month. Other worldwide campaigns such as donkeys, polar bears, wolves, even guide dogs will give regular updates about their sponsored animal too, giving your child something to look forward to each month.

And finally, plan a camping trip together

All kids love the outdoors, so why not plan a camping trip together? It’s a good way to spend quality time away from distractions and screens and make some treasured memories. Toast marshmallows, have a BBQ, count the stars, go for walks in the countryside and pack a picnic! Get them involved in the planning to make it even more special.

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