Meditation For Mothers: 7 Tips

Being a mother is an infinite gift. You get to witness your children in their moments of growth and other milestones in life. You’re also the best person they run to during their time of need. But while being a mother can be so rewarding, there may be times when you’ll need to put aside your own needs for your family’s sake.

With so many responsibilities, most of you probably won’t have enough time for self-care, such as meditation. But the thing is, if you want to be the best parent for your kids, you need to look after yourself, too.

It’s no secret that meditation is beneficial for one’s general health. Meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety, reorganize your thoughts and emotions, and promote better mental health. When you meditate, it’ll also become easier for you to be present and attentive to your children and family. By integrating meditation into your everyday routine, you can help your brain function in a healthier and more mindful state.

The question now is, how can you meditate, especially with your hectic schedule as a mother? To help you out, here are seven tips on how to meditate as a busy mom. 

  • Find A Quiet and Happy Place

Before you start meditating, it’s a good idea to find a particular location in your home that’s quiet and peaceful. It can be your bedroom, the garden, or anywhere far from household noise or any distraction. You may utilize this particular spot to meditate, seek solitude, and calm your nerves, especially when some of your responsibilities are becoming too overwhelming for you. 

Make sure that this spot is free from distractions and remove anything that may disrupt your meditation, such as a radio, cellphone, or television. You can also add houseplants, scented candles, extra cushions, or worry gemstones around your meditation area to further improve the atmosphere’s tranquility.

These worry stones can help relieve tension and reduce stress, especially when rubbed in your hands. Once you’ve found the perfect place for meditation, ensure that it’s only dedicated for meditation alone and not for other purposes.

  • Use Crystals

Since you don’t have much time to meditate all day, it’s ideal to make the most of the 5 to 15 minutes you get to meditate and have time for yourself. And so, consider using crystals every time you meditate. Place them on certain body parts such as your palms, back, forehead (when you lay down), or chest. It is said that laying crystals on your body can promote healing, relaxation, and mindfulness. 

Crystals are available in different types and colors. For instance, the amethyst crystal stone promotes deeper sleep, relieves migraines, and calms your mind. Meanwhile, the turquoise crystal is said to help in balancing your emotions and promote spiritual grounding. Ultimately, do your research first to find out which crystal will best suit your personality and needs. 

  • Set A Specific Daily Time For Meditation

Perhaps you’re having difficulty incorporating meditation into your hectic schedule right now. To solve this, choose a specific time of the day where you can have a few minutes for yourself. It can be during your children’s nap time, if you’re waiting for them to sleep, or during the early morning hours when everyone’s still asleep.

Then, set an alarm for that specific time each day to remind yourself that it’s time for meditation. Regardless of what part of the day, meditating for a few minutes each day can do a lot for your overall health and wellness. 

  • Find A Comfortable Position

Whenever you meditate, find a position you’re extremely comfortable in. This way, you’re allowing your mind and body to relax and take a break from all the tasks and chores you’re doing. Trying complicated positions might hinder you from relaxing or even distract you during meditation. Simple positions such as sitting on a cushion or lying in bed or a yoga mat are already good enough for meditating. 

  • Play Calming Sounds

Sometimes, the stress of all the chores and responsibilities can get the best of you. Some of you may feel mentally exhausted and, in turn, forget to turn on the washing machine. Or you may experience temporary mental blocks about the next chore. And so, it’s also understandable if you forget about meditating or struggle with going into a meditative state. If you’re struggling with preparing yourself for deep concentration, you can play calming sounds or soothing music to help put you in a calmer and more relaxed state. 

You can use headphones to tune out any distractions and other sounds that might disrupt your meditation. For better relaxation, you may also meditate while soaking in a warm bath and soothing music is played in the background.

  • Use A Meditation App

Another way to help improve your meditation practice is by using a meditation app. This is recommended, especially if you’re unsure what to do or where to start. This app will be your guide and can give you steps to help you reach a deeper sense of calmness. It can also play an audio track to help you concentrate. 

  • Get Your Children Involved

Meditation is beneficial for kids, too. So, if they’re old enough to practice and understand meditation, why not let them join the exercise? Meditation can also become a perfect family activity. You can use a meditation app for your children to help them get started. 

Key Takeaway

Finding moments of calm and relaxation may not always be easy for moms with hectic schedules. Thankfully, through meditation, you can improve your physical and mental well-being in a few minutes, as long as done regularly.

It helps reduce anxiety and stress and enables you to control your thoughts and emotions better. So, if you haven’t included meditation in your daily routine yet, now’s the perfect time to do so. Don’t forget to refer to these tips above to help you get started. 

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