Pregnancy Week By Week – 8 Weeks Pregnant

Congrats! You’re eight weeks pregnant by now. The gestational age of your baby is a month and a half, and he or she is presently moving on from incipient organism to hatchling.

At about eight weeks pregnant, you’re wrapping up your second month of pregnancy. And keeping in mind that you may not be appearing yet, being pregnant is presumably at last beginning to feel genuine to you; like most ladies, you may have your first pre-birth arrangement ideal around now. At this visit, an ultrasound might be performed to decide how far along you are. You may even hear and see – child’s pulse. How cool is that?

In any case, there’s significantly additionally occurring with both you and your child this week. Continue reading to know more and discover when you have to call your specialist.

Your Baby at 8 Weeks Pregnant

They will begin to look more like a little individual. Your child’s head uncurls a little in the womb. They have longer arms than legs on the grounds that their head and abdominal area is becoming quicker than whatever remains of them.

Your child is cozy and ensured in their amniotic sac. The placenta is preparing to go up against the activity of taking care of your infant, which will enable it to connect to the mass of the womb. At this phase of improvement your child is as yet getting supplements from the yolk sac. By about two months, your infant is known as a ‘baby’ as opposed to a developing life.

Baby’s Got Lips, Nose and Eyelids

What else is changing at about two months pregnant? A nearby perspective of your little incipient organism would uncover your child is looking much less reptilian and significantly more infant like: Even however she has webbed hands and feet, her small fingers and toes are simply beginning to separate now, and her tail is relatively gone. You’d see an upper lip framing, the projecting tip of that charming catch nose and minor, thin eyelids.

Pulses and Movements

Such an excess of developing is energizing for your infant as well. How would you know? Her heart is thumping at the staggering rate of 150 to 170 times each moment — about twice as quick as yours. Furthermore, despite the fact that you can’t yet feel it, she’s currently making unconstrained developments as she jerks her small trunk and appendage buds. Your infant’s burrows are getting greater, as well. Amniotic liquid volume is expanding and your womb is extending to oblige its growing inhabitant.

Mother’s Body at 8 Weeks Pregnant

When you achieve week 8, pregnancy side effects will most likely be going full speed ahead. Scents that never pestered you may appear to be tyrannical, on account of expanded hormones that increase your feeling of smell and influence your stomach to feel like you’re amidst a wild thrill ride. You may get the chance to hear your child’s pulse out of the blue – at long last something to compensate for a portion of the not really lovely side effects you’ve been encountering.

Symptoms at 8 Weeks Pregnant


Your stomach related framework is most likely much more touchy than you’re utilized to. Ensure you’re honing smart dieting propensities, as looseness of the bowels can come from eating undesirable food items. Make sure to remain hydrated and contact your medicinal services supplier on the off chance that it keeps going longer than 24 hours, or is joined by some other indications. Try not to take an enemy of diarrheal cure before checking with your specialist.

Light Spotting

Spotting (a couple of drops of blood at once) can be ordinary, anyway make certain to converse with your specialist in the event that you feel at all concerned, and summon right in the event that you see heavier dying.

Morning Sickness

The hormones that reason morning sickness are in full power at this moment. The uplifting news is these hormones should begin to level off around week 10 and considerably more so amid the second trimester, if not previously. For the time being, take a stab at keeping saltines at your adjacent to gobble before you get up and go for five or six little dinners daily, instead of three extensive ones.

Frequent Urination

Yes, regardless you’re making bunches of additional excursions to the bathroom. This manifestation will go back and forth as your infant changes position amid pregnancy.

Abdominal Cramping

Cramping can be related with the proceeded with development of your uterus. On the off chance that the cramping is extreme or on the off chance that you feel torment other than cramping, get your specialist to discount issues.


Go ahead and get some additional winks at whatever point you can. In case you’re feeling depleted, tune in to your body.

Back Pain

By the time you are two months pregnant, back torment may turn into an issue, especially around the lower back. The explanation behind this is the muscles in your back are working somewhat harder than normal as your weight is redistributed to oblige your developing uterus.

Trouble Sleeping

Changing hormone levels, distress, and additional excursions to the bathroom frequently indicate bothered rest. Have a go at tuning in to quiet music or perusing a book in case you’re feeling wide wakeful. Whatever you do, don’t go after your cell phone or tablet. As indicated by ongoing investigations, the light that originates from electronic gadgets may trap your mind into feeling considerably more alert, crashing your endeavors to fall back to rest.

Small Bump

Starting to appear at about two months can be typical, particularly at night! You may likewise see a little weight gain.

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