7 Proven Ways to Motivate your Child

Some kids are self motivated while others need a little push from parents, teachers or elders. You might reward your kids for every good work they do but some parents also scold their children for everything they do wrong.

However, the best approach to motivate your child is to go easy on the rewards and punishments. The key is to help them tune into the positive feelings of accomplishment and the pride they feel to do a job in the right way. 

Here are the best ways to motivate your child anytime.

1. Set Goals and Have a Plan

The first step to motivate your kids is to set goals for them. You can set various short term goals but there should be one long term goal. Make sure the goals are practically achievable and require some effort from your child.

You need a plan to help your child achieve the goals you set for him/her. Make a step by step plan to help your child achieve the set goals and explain every step. To make the things more simple and convenient you can print the plan on a chart and hang it in their room where they can see it more often.

2. Encourage the Competition

Cheer your kid to beat the other best runner in a race or other competition event. Motivate him/her to become the best in their field. If your child is positive about competition, you can motivate them easily.

On the other hand, if he or she thinks negatively about competition, take responsibility to remove their negative beliefs. You can motivate your child to compete with others only when they learn to think positively and perceive competition as a good thing.

3. Help them enjoy every activity

Trying to control your child in every task or activity will lead to demotivating them instead of motivating. Scolding or rewarding a kid can’t make him enjoy any work or activity.

The best way is to allow your child the freedom to take initiative and aim to inspire them without controlling. Offering your child the freedom to choose something is another way to control them.

So, the key is to control your kid without controlling and offering them the freedom to enjoy the task you want them to do.

4. Celebrate accomplishments (even the little ones)

When your kid accomplishes a goal, celebrate the same by rewarding them with a gift or taking them out for a picnic or dinner. Celebrate the success of our child and they will be motivated to accomplish more. Celebrating even little accomplishments motivates your child to work on bigger targets and long term goals.

5. Remove the peer pressure

Although a little peer pressure is good, as it can push your child to do better. But too much peer pressure can be bad for your kid as it can develop stress that leads to demotivation. You need to consider peer pressure especially if your child is a teenager.

Peer pressure is common in teens and it’s one of the reasons for stress in teens. Talk to them about the things they discuss with their friends to remove the peer pressure.

6. Motivational Quotes

Quotes are one of the best ways to motivate kids, teens and adults. You can paste positive quotes for kids in their room and everywhere where they hang out more in the home.

When your child sees positive quotes every now and then, it enters his/her subconscious and keeps them positive. Staying positive is essential to keep them motivated and make them work towards their goals.

7. Keep up the Excitement

It’s your job to keep the excitement up in your child about the goals you set for them. Show them in your talks that you are excited for their goals and encourage them to work hard on the same. Encouraging them regularly will keep them motivated and knowing that you are excited for the same will make them work hard. 

Summing Up

These were some of the best ways to keep your child motivated for little to big goals. Creating a plan and setting the goals let your child know what to do and how to do it. Encouraging the competition allows them to remove the fear of competition and work hard to achieve their goals.

Motivational quotes help them stay positive and prepare themselves again when they get down due to stress and peer pressure. When you keep your kids excited and let them enjoy the work they do, they will stay motivated to work towards their goal with a positive mindset and achieve the goals you set for them.

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