Should You Make a Personal Injury Claim?

The number of accidents that occur every day is startlingly high. According to the World Health Organization, around 40 million people are hurt in car accidents alone. Accidents in the home, street and workplace are almost as common.

When you look at statistics like that you soon realize that your chances of getting hurt in your life are pretty high. This means that at some point you are likely to have to decide what you wish to do regarding the situation. You may or may not want to contact an attorney that deals with personal injury – click the link for more information.

You only have a limited time in which to make a claim

Most of us want a quiet life. So, understandably, the idea of spending months, years even, tussling with the other party to get compensation does not appeal, at all.

But the truth is that it is worth the hassle. The main reason is that you do not fully understand how badly your injury is going to affect your life until it is too late to file a claim. In most countries, there is a statute of limitations, so to speak. It varies depending on your specific location and situation.

The seriousness of your injury won’t be immediately apparent

So, due to the time limit, if 8 years down the line you discover that you have arthritis in your neck which was badly hurt in an accident, you may not be able to put in a claim without extensive evidence. Instead, you will have to live with the consequences, which could include not being able to work enough hours to look after your family. As you can see here, traumatic injuries are identified as the underlying cause of around 12% of osteoarthritis cases.

Making a claim is easier than you think

If you are worried that making a claim will take up a lot of your time and energy, don’t be. It is now possible to spend a few hours filling out the paperwork and leave the rest of the process up to someone who deals with injury claims daily. They can deal with everything from there. Including negotiating with the other party and if that is not successful filing the necessary paperwork with the courts.

It need not cost a lot of money

In most countries, it is now possible to hire someone to handle your personal injury claim without cost unless the case is won. This means that they are only likely to take on your situation if they really believe in it. If after filing for your compensation you are not awarded anything, you do not have to pay a sum if it is only agreed for a winning case.

Of course, whether you do make an injury claim is very much up to you. It is a personal decision, but hopefully, the above article has answered some of the questions you may have had about the subject. Hopefully, making it easier for you to make a rational decision about this matter.

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