Should You Move Alone Even When You’re Pregnant?

Pregnancy can be very challenging, especially if you are a single mom. Adapting to the life of a new mom even when it is at the beginning of pregnancy is no bed of roses. Moving from your hometown to another is a hassle of its own kind, let alone moving while you are pregnant. There are many concerns that are not only specific to moving from a place to another. Engaging in a lot of activities while pregnant is frowned upon and is considered dangerous.

However, there are a few loopholes that you can use to move alone while you are pregnant without endangering your health or your baby’s health.

Consult an OB-Gyn

Proactive communication with your doctor is vital for a healthy pregnancy; you don’t need to ask your doctor about every nitty-gritty, but when it comes to things such as moving, lifting boxes, running around the house and not resting, consulting your doctor is very much needed. It is true that in your first trimester you can continue to engage normally in activities that you were used to; however, every situation is different than the other, which is why consulting your doctor plays a prominent role here. You can still engage in activities, even while you are pregnant, but do note that there will be activities of a different nature and with more caution than before. To sum up this point, moving alone is okay, just make sure your OB-Gyn knows.

Seek Help

While it is possible for you to carry the whole weight of the pregnancy, and the move, on your own, it is a lot better if you have a support system or a safety net. Reaching out to friends can prove to be of a huge benefit; especially, when it comes to moving. Building a support system could make the whole process of moving much easier, and you don’t have to endure the whole burden by yourself. However, if you are not surrounded by your friends and family, you can always call a moving company to help you out.

Moving companies will lift the burden of packing boxes, moving furniture around, and lifting them off of your shoulders. The amount of help they can offer is truly significant. among other websites can be of help. You can also hire a cleaning company to help you declutter and clean what might seem as an overwhelming mess. In short, having a support system is necessary if you’re in your third trimester, or just in general, if you do need to move alone when you’re pregnant to cut down any risk of damaging the baby carrying heavy items.

Pay Attention to Your Posture

It is very common for us to endure more than our body could handle, and more often than not, we lift heavy objects or push things that are way too heavy for our bodies. While this is very unhealthy, it is still somewhat okay because the damage done is not that drastic. However, the case is different if you are carrying a fetus within you, the scales are different and the rules have changed because once you are with a child it is not only you alone in the world anymore. It is as if your baby is a newly added reason to take good care of yourself and your body. In order to avoid endangering yourself and your child’s safety, you need to know your limitations and how much your body can endure now.

According to physical therapists, pregnant women should be attention to their posture while lifting things because a lot of them tend to hurt themselves due to the increased production of the hormone, relaxin. Physical therapists recommend bending your knees from the hips whilst maintaining a straight back when you are holding the object close to you and lifting it using your legs. Doctors recommend moving smaller and lighter objects than what used to be ‘normal’ to you. Of course the smaller the object is, the better; but, if you want to move, make sure you carry objects right, and alter your posture carefully and accordingly so that it’s easier for you to move what needs to be moved.

Be Wary of Stairs

Unfortunately, one of the most common accidents that occur in a pregnancy is falling down, due to the shifting of gravity a woman endures while being pregnant. Because adapting to pregnancy and everything that it brings along with it can be very new and temporarily life altering, you might want to pay attention to the aspects that pregnancy affects, so you don’t put yourself or your baby in danger.

One of the things that require your attention and mental strength is stairs. It might sound silly, but stairs should not be taken lightly, especially when you are carrying an object while going down or up the stairs. Plenty of doctors recommend pregnant women to wear shoes that offer you support and a good grip, especially if you’re planning to move, try to avoid stairs as much as you can.

Prepare Your Backpack

Moving day can be very draining for anybody, let alone a pregnant woman who is eating and hydrating for two. With all the stresses and the busy schedule that moving day brings along, you need to remember to prepare a snack pack with you that has the nutrients that will keep you active and energized for the day for you and your child. Pack water and healthy fluids, so that you stay hydrated enough during the day, and don’t forget about wipes and toilet paper, extra clothes, and medications.

 Stay Empowered

Moving is a stressful, long process that needs preparation and lots of precautions and thinking, especially if you are with child and alone. This might sound like a challenge, but it is also a chance to feel empowered and power through like the real fierce, powerful momma that you are. Even though moving while pregnant is a lot of hard work, there are still a lot of bright sides to it, like how you are making a nice, decent living for you and your baby. You will get to tell your baby about your adventures together when you were moving and lifting boxes together into this new home.

All in all, you shouldn’t be afraid of moving alone; even if you’re pregnant. Moving day is guaranteed to become a lot easier after these loopholes. As long as you are prepared, and know how to handle your posture, and know how much you can carry, you are good to go. Remember, that it is okay to ask for help, whether it is from friends or a moving company. Good Luck!

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