Sleep Deprivation: A Cause of High Blood Pressure

We often blame our lifestyle for all sleep-related issues. If not that, we even blame external factors like the weather, the ambiance, and pretty much anything. But, there can be a connection between our overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being that gets imbalanced if you have sleep deprivation or insomnia.

People experiencing disrupted sleep cycles or sleep deprivation also experience heart diseases. Hypertension or high blood pressure is a major disease found in people with insomnia. 

A slight increase in the pressure, and you forget a good night’s sleep. The condition can continue for days or months, resulting in severe heart-associated problems.

To help you understand how important it is for you to have stable blood pressure and get enough sleep, in a recent post by, we have covered the best sleeping positions for lowering blood pressure. This one will explore the relationship between high blood pressure and sleep deprivation a little better. 

How is Sleep Deprivation Related To Hypertension?

If you get good sleep, your heart remains healthy and functional. Once you are unable to sleep, your blood pressure increases due to hormonal imbalances and factors like stress and fatigue, making it even more difficult for you to sleep.

So, the science behind this is simple. Our body needs a proper seven hours of sleep for recuperation. Now, let’s understand in detail how this happens. 

Whenever our body fails to fulfill its resting criteria, it goes into a phase where every metabolic function lags behind. The enzymes needed for circulation along with the important hormones would reach the blood at an abnormal pace, thereby making our blood circulation improper.  

This elevation in the blood circulation and the swinging hormones result in hypertension stressing our heart and affecting other bodily processes in the meantime.

Getting Proper Sleep and Regulating High Blood Pressure

Well, the problem may sound like a huge boulder between your ideal healthy state and you, but it is pretty curable. You cannot expect positive results within a day or two. But with little fixes here and there, you can easily deal with the condition. Baby steps are the way to go. Starting small is how you achieve this. 

So, to begin with, start off by using these methods to fix your sleep schedule and get back on the proper nighttime regimen.

Fixing Your Sleep To Fix Hypertension Issues

  1. Try regulating your sleeping hours by going to bed early and using soft music and other relaxants to calm your nerves down. You can also enjoy a hot bath or an oil massage to relax your body to go into a sleepy state.
  1. A number of sleep-related issues are due to emotional distress or anxiety. You have to find methods of grounding yourself so that you can get proper sleep. If it feels overwhelming, you can further seek professional help.
  1. Your diet, too, is responsible for your sleep deprivation. Before going to bed, ensure that you have had healthy light food instead of oily junk. The junk items upset your bowel and create lots of gastrointestinal issues resulting in disturbed sleep.
  1. Exerting your body in a healthy way too is helpful for getting good sleep. Practice yoga, exercising, or walks to keep your body engaged. The tardiness that follows all of the exhaustion can also help in getting good sleep.

Keeping The High Blood Pressure Regulated

Once your sleep pattern is fixed, you will see a steep decrease in your blood pressure. Additionally, you can follow these lifestyle tips to keep your heart healthy. 

  1. Apart from getting good sleep, you can also regulate your diet and keep the sodium intake balanced if you want to keep your heart healthy.
  1. Try stress-reducing activities to keep your hormonal imbalances in check. You can try breathing exercises, stress balls, and exercises for this.
  1. If you are into the habit of smoking and drinking, stop it right there. Besides, these two toxicants also affect your sleep cycle and other body functions.


Treating your body like a temple is the only way to live healthily. Good sleep, perfect immunity, great metabolism, and a healthy heart – each of these elements is interconnected. Fix your sleep, and you will see a positive change in each of these functions. 

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