6 Style Secrets To Dress Well for Large Men

If you’re a larger man, you can still change your style and look great in your clothing. You’ll want to choose colors, designs, and fabrics that look best on you. Plus, there are plenty of accessories to consider. 

Dressing sharp is a lot of fun and lets you express yourself. No matter your size, you can look outstanding in various outfits; you just need to know where to start. We put together this list of style secrets just for you, so let’s begin!

1. Wear Stylish Clothes Now

You don’t need to wait until you’ve lost weight before wearing high-quality clothes. You can dress sharp now, which will significantly impact how you look. Plus, you’re sure to quickly build more confidence.

Clothing can also leave a lasting impression on people, making it an excellent communication method.

Too many men want to wait to shop for new clothes until they’ve gotten in shape. However, it can take a very long time to change your body. You can appreciate yourself in all forms and learn to love yourself as you are right now.

You’ll want to ensure you get the fit right on all your new clothes. If you don’t, it’s easy to look sloppy. You don’t want your shirts too loose; they should help define your body’s natural shape.

That said, you don’t need to worry about switching to more stylish clothes. The rest of these style secrets will help you choose outfits and accessories that suit you the best. If you lose weight, you can always have a tailor correct the fit for you.

2. Choose the Right Fits

Wrinkles and baggy clothes can look very sloppy, especially on large men. If you wear clothing that’s too big, you won’t like the effect. Many men do this to hide their bodies, but it can actually have the opposite effect and draw more attention. This also doesn’t leave a good impression on others.

Instead, you’ll want to take the time to choose the best fit for all of your clothes. You’ll look much more stylish and feel more confident this way.

So, when choosing clothes, you don’t want anything with lots of extra hanging fabric. You also don’t want clothing that clings to your body and bunches up near your joints. If you find something you love that doesn’t fit correctly, you can always bring it to a tailor for some adjustments. Tailored clothing always looks the best since it’s made for your body.

It’s also a good idea to take your measurements and write them down somewhere you won’t lose them. That way, you can still get the right fit if you’re shopping online.

3. Wear Light Fabrics

Thick, heavy materials can accentuate large men and make them look bigger than they are. You’ll instead want to choose lightweight fabrics. Plus, they often can fit better against your body and are more flexible and comfortable. Light fabrics with many straight lines can also make you look slimmer. 

These materials are more breathable and don’t look bulky. So, you’ll feel better since they aren’t holding in your body heat and making you sweat. Twill and denim are some excellent options.

4. Pick Simple Colors and Designs

Next, you can also try choosing simple designs and colors for your clothing. Large, bold patterns can accentuate your frame. Horizontal lines can have the same effect. So, it’s usually best to choose simple clothing.

Dark neutral colors also tend to look better on large men. For example, bright neon green can have the same impact by drawing more attention to your frame. Instead, try wearing dark greens, browns, grays, and blues.

Simple clothing also looks very sharp and professional to other people. When you have more basic clothing in your wardrobe, you’ll have an easier time building new outfits every day too.

5. Try Big Hats

Big hats look outstanding on larger men. They can bring more balance to your face and completely change the shape of your head. Plus, hats are an excellent accessory for dressing up any outfit. Depending on the hat you choose, you can tailor the “feel” of the outfit for the occasion.

Hats with wide brims tend to look the best on large men. If you choose one with a short bill, it won’t look quite right.

Some hats with wide brims include bucket, cowboy, and Panama hats. All of these options look wonderful on bigger men. You can also try versatile hats that suit everyone, like beanies and baseball caps.

Overall, you’ll have a lot of options when it comes to hats! They’re fun to experiment with, and there’s a hat out there for everyone.

6. Dress Up Your Silhouette

You can also make a few minor adjustments to your clothing to slim down and change your silhouette. It only takes a second, and you’ll look sharp.

First, tuck your shirt into your pants. Doing so can make you look cleaner and more stylish. Next, try adding a belt or suspenders to your outfit. It’s also good to empty your pockets of anything that makes them look bulky.

V-neck shirts are another great choice. They guide others’ eyes straight down your body instead of all over, making you appear slimmer and more stylish. Button-down shirts can have the same impact.

Adding a jacket can also make your silhouette appear less bulky. You’ll need to make sure to choose something that fits well.

Lastly, you can use colors to your advantage. Try using light colors on slimmer parts of your body and dark colors on thicker areas. The contrast will draw more attention to the lightly-colored clothing.

Dress Well Today!

Using these style secrets, start dressing well today. The sooner you start, the faster you’ll feel more confident. You’re sure to enjoy experimenting with different clothes and finding your style.

Plus, there are plenty of options for accessories to try. We recommend trying a high-quality hat that fits your face shape and a belt.

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