Surviving Summer Vacation: Strategies for Kids with ADHD

As much as you love your kids, the thought of summer vacation can feel daunting. Life can be challenging, from spending more time with them at home to traveling on vacation. This is especially true for parents of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It’s essential to recognize all of the ADHD symptoms in teens and younger children. The most typical signs are hyperactivity, acting impulsively, and lacking focus. It’s also difficult for them to sit still. This makes school and other social aspects of life highly challenging for them. Fortunately, several strategies are proven to help you and your family survive summer vacation with children with ADHD.  

Keep Your Child Active

Many parents still have to work during their kids’ summer vacation. This can lead to many times when the children are supervised little or not at all. While appropriate-age children may be okay alone for a few hours, it can be a different story for children with ADHD. Day camps are excellent ways to ensure your kids are being cared for properly while keeping them entertained with fun activities and boredom at bay. You can find camps for specific interests, some that could be more alluring to your children than others. Some include sports and outdoors, science, religious or art camps. These camps can create a structure for children and help them with issues affecting their social and academic life. 

Limit Screen Time

Limit the amount of screen time your children are allowed. As with all children, limiting screen time is essential. This can be even more important for children with ADHD. In addition to lacking focus, these children can be hyper-focused in certain situations. This often occurs when watching TV or playing video games. Therefore, if left to their own devices, you could find them in front of a screen for hours without moving. Turning off all screened devices in the evening close to bedtime is also important. 

Don’t Stop ADHD Medication

Many parents wonder if they should adjust or totally stop their children’s ADHD medication during summer vacation. Sometimes parents want to experiment with how well their children do without stimulants since they can cause side effects. They may also decide summer vacation is an ideal time to consider a different medication, such as thesis nootropics vs Adderall. You may also consider adjusting your child’s current medication during their break. Either way, it’s best to consult their doctor before making changes. 

Create Structure

Even though summer vacation is supposed to be made up of fun and relaxation, keeping with a regular routine is vital. Daily structure is crucial for kids with ADHD. These children need stimulation, but sometimes it can lead to mischief and potentially disastrous results if left to entertain themselves.

You already know that summer vacation with your ADHD children can be challenging. Don’t worry, though; all hope is not lost. Begin planning to implement these tips today to enjoy your time with your children and make it a positive and memorable experience. Begin by researching different options, like the best over the counter meds for ADHD child, and determining fun activities for your children while on break.

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