Tips for Traveling with an Infant

If you are thinking of traveling with an infant or have spoken to anyone else about the possibility, your main thought on the subject might be to not do it. In fact, you can travel both domestically and internationally with young children or babies, and the tips below can help you enjoy a smoother journey, especially if this is your first vacation with a baby of your own.

Your Budget

Whatever your budget for the trip is, build in some extra so that you have money to throw at problems that arise. If you were a budget traveler before you had kids and are committed to continuing on that way, you can absolutely do so. However, your baby can’t always roll with the punches the way adults are willing to, and it’s a good idea to have some cash reserve if you have to unexpectedly get transportation, a hotel room or anything else that your infant might need. If you’re looking to beef up your travel fund, you might want to take out a personal loan. While you could rely on your credit card if things get tight, those interest rates can make a relatively small expenditure look expensive fast. A personal loan is likely to offer lower interest rates and be a smarter financial choice.

Bring Extra Clothes

You can still travel light when you have an infant, but you definitely can’t be as light as you may have been pre-baby. Bring extra clothes, including extra diapers, because when it comes to babies, accidents will almost certainly happen. While you can certainly pick up baby clothes almost anywhere, do you really want to spend part of your vacation shopping for necessities? Play it safe and bring what you need.

Food and Drink

If you have a nursing infant, this part is pretty easy, but if you don’t or if your baby is on a mix of breast milk and solids, the safest route is to bring plenty of both. Snacks for when you’re on the road or in the air are a better plan than feeding your baby something they may be unaccustomed to that might upset their stomach, even if seems innocuous. Having food and drink to hand also means that you never have to deal with a baby that’s crying or grumpy because of hunger. Check on restrictions for bringing liquids through security at airports for your infant, but in most places, there will be an exception for this.

Strollers and Slings

If you bring a big stroller on a car trip, it’s not an issue, but for a plane, look for something small and compact that you can fold up quickly and easily. A sling can be a great way to carry your child while hiking or just sight-seeing if you prefer to be hands-free, but do bring a stroller as well so you don’t have to rely only on the sling.

Be Flexible

Flexibility is the name of the game when traveling with a baby. You’re going to have to go slower and possibly change plans or cancel things. Being prepared for this can help prevent frustration when it happens. Your child picks up on your stress, so remaining calm and adapting to any problems that might arise can help keep things steadier.

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