What is the Difference Between Amnesia and Dementia?

Since amnesia and dementia are both related to memory loss, they are often confused with each other by people. The reality is different because there are many other factors associated with such serious conditions. Awareness is required to detect such things in your loved ones. 

The final diagnosis will always be made by the doctor. However, you can look out for some vital changes in their behaviors that could indicate some important matter. So the following article is all about dementia vs amnesia, especially highlighting the wrong notions that we have for both of them.

What is the common misconception about the two conditions?

Dementia and amnesia affect our memory greatly, but that is not the only thing that defines these conditions. Now let’s see how to differentiate these two conditions, namely dementia and amnesia. There are things you don’t know about, and this is the time to get enlightened. 

Little notes on amnesia and its symptoms

It could be an accident or some traumatic events that leave a strong impact on the memory where the person actually can’t recollect some particular things. 

The most crucial thing is to believe in healthy living, devoid of any addiction, because alcoholic items are also a reason if taken in excessive amounts. 

Let’s shift towards the reasons for amnesia so that you can stay alert whenever you see any red flags. 

The reasons could be many, but mostly a trauma or injury can accelerate the condition. Still, medical analytics have shown that anoxia, which means oxygen depletion inside your brain, can cause this problem. Moreover, some stressful situations that can overcrowd your brain could also be one of the reasons behind amnesia. 

Not only this, dementia, which itself is a cognitive dysfunctional problem, often shows signs of memory loss or amnesia at various stages. Amidst the rest of the reasons, some drug overdose may also make you suffer from amnesia. Most sedatives can do this, but only when taken in an excessive quantity.

Psychiatrists can detect the cause and the problems at the right time. If you think you or any of your family members are suffering from any of the above-mentioned symptoms, then consult a doctor immediately. Neurologists often help you with the diagnosis. 

Dementia and what do you need to know about it

This is a gradual process where people’s cognitive ability, social interaction abilities, and the power of doing some simple daily things are compromised. 

The reason for dementia could be nerve damage and something related to that. Doctors can detect the problems, and they will show the right path to delay its expanse. 

Major Differences Between Amnesia and Dementia

  • The person might otherwise be completely okay, but having no memories of something specific is a telltale sign of amnesia. 
  • Whereas for dementia, memory loss is one of the major symptoms, and that is how the affected people often forget how to do simple regular activities. 
  • Usually, people suffering from amnesia are otherwise normal, with some blank memory about a specific time in their lives. For dementia, this is an ongoing decline, where people will forget some faces and incidents, and then slowly everything one by one. So, amnesia is one of the symptoms of dementia. 

So, we hope the difference is understandable, and the magnitude of these two conditions is well explained. Both of the conditions are serious, and there is nothing light about them. Ignoring such symptoms can impact the affected person’s mental and physical health. 

As far as dementia is concerned, you can see the patient go through a lot of stuff like anxiety and depression. Not being able to remember stuff is another way of this depression and irritation. 

There will also be behavioral issues, and those will be clear within a few years. So, early detection can lengthen the lifespan to a great extent. 

Not only this, if you can engage the person with some mentally stimulating games and activities, they are sure to fight the disease called dementia. 


The more you get to know about mental sickness, the more you become aware of psychology. That is an interesting topic, but illnesses like dementia and amnesia are serious enough to have medical attention on an urgent basis.

People or caregivers need to be full of patience and empathy for the sufferer because only they can give the patient the lost meaning of life. 

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