Which HiPP Organic Formula to Use For Babies?

When first seen, rumors have it that HiPP organic formula for Baby Quinoa flakes is a blend of authentic quinoa flakes with other ingredients. However, after closer inspection, one would find that HiPP Baby Quinoa flakes do not contain any of the grains pictured on their label.

The label includes the word “quinoa”, but to most people, quinoa already has a flavor profile similar to parched grains (a sensation almost like drinking dust); this is why they call HiPP baby quinoa “dust-like”.

HiPP Baby is Perfect For Babies Four Months and Older

HiPP organic formula is an excellent option for babies four months and older. HiPP Baby is also a good choice if you have a healthy diet and lifestyle, but your baby may only be able to eat some of the food they want. HiPP Baby has no artificial colors or flavors, so it’s safe for babies sensitive to gluten or soy (or other allergens).

HiPP Kid is Perfect For Babies Six Months Through 3 Years Old

HiPP Kids DHA formula contains the same nutritional benefits as HIP Kids, but with less DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). If your child does not have a healthy diet or does not need the extra DHA, this formula may be an option for them!

HiPP Toddler is Perfect For Kids 4 Through 8 Years Old

This formula contains more calories, protein and iron than HIP Baby or HIP Kid. It also has extra vitamins A, D, E and K, essential for good digestion and healthy growth in children. HIP Toddler has been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing toddlers.

They will need extra energy during this stage of their lives, so you should consider adding some fruit juice or milk during meals as well as snacks between meals if your child is thirsty after eating lunch at school or home with friends off duty that day (unless someone else is doing it).

HIP Senior is Perfect For Adults 60+

HIP Senior is a high-quality, organic formula made with DHA, a healthy omega-3 fatty acid. It’s also fortified with lutein and vitamin C, which help support eye health.

What To Consider When Choosing The Right Product For Your Child?

Start with Baby HiPP drops, then move on to Baby HiPP plus if needed. If your baby does not respond well to either of these products, stop taking it immediately and return to regular food such as breastmilk or formula. It would help if you never started taking supplements before consulting a doctor who understands your exact situation and knows exactly what you need from nutrition at this particular moment in time. 

HiPP Kids DHA Formula Can Be Used In Older Children And Adults With Healthy Diets To Support Brain Development, Cardiovascular Health, Eye Health, Immune Function And Overall Well-Being.

DHA is a fatty acid in high brain and eye concentrations. It is essential in brain development, cardiovascular health, eye health, immune function and overall well-being.


HiPP is not a new supplement; it has been a leading brand in the natural supplementation field for many years. However, many people still need to learn about it or know how to use it correctly.

The design is pretty easy as there are just two products, i.e., Baby HiPP Drops that you can give to your child once daily and the Baby HiPP Plus Formula that can be used by children with special care needs (usually babies who have suffered from severe or chronic illness). Everything else is just a supplement you can give your child if they need extra help with energy and metabolism, allergies, eczema/skin disorder, some digestive problems, etc.

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