Working Parent: Setting up a Home-based Business as a New Parent

Life moves so fast as a new parent that some people feel like they are losing themselves in the hectic demands and expectations that come with being a new parent. Many new parents desire to pursue something outside motherhood or fatherhood. Although it can be difficult to imagine, parenthood and ambition can co-exist, and if you are a new parent with an entrepreneurial spirit, the strategies discussed below could help you start a successful business even while taking care of your family.

Learn to Manage Your Time

A healthy work-life balance has always been challenging for business owners, even those who are not new parents. As a parent, your business and your family will compete for your attention, and so you need to learn how to manage your time and compartmentalise if you want to get anything done. Start by setting blocks of time when you will focus on work and when you will focus on things like running errands.

Bundle Your Tasks

Because you will likely get a few hours to work throughout your day, you should learn to bundle tasks together. Doing so can help you get a lot more done in the little time you have as you do not have to switch your attention between tasks.

Create Specific Boundaries

It is easy for work to bleed into family life, and vice versa. This is why it is so important to set hard boundaries for both work and family. When it is time for family, try to be there for them instead of letting work take over this time.

Build a Network of Support

Even though you might be an excellent multitasker, things can get out of hand as your business starts to grow. Find people who can support you as you get the business off the ground, ideally those who share your passion and vision. Also, outsourcing, partnering and delegating can make launching and running a business as a new parent a lot more manageable and a lot less overwhelming.

Moving to an Office

As your kids get older, your business will likely be growing too. Once your kids are old enough to be left with a babysitter or to start attending school, it is a good idea to consider moving your business to an office. An office will allow you to focus better on running the business and most of the people who have made the transition say that the change came with an increase in productivity and revenue, too.

The first step in moving your home-based business to an office is to find the right office space. You could start by talking to companies like KRP properties who own and manage various office properties so you can find one that suits your growing business. They have several Ottawa office leasing options, whether you are looking for a space to grow into or are looking for space for a larger team.

Starting a business as a new parent will always be challenging. It can lead to a parent having to choose between their children and business. It does not have to be this way, though, because with enough diligence, organisation and tenacity, it is possible to start a thriving business without taking your eye off your parenting responsibilities.

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